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Capability Statement

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Program and Project Management
Technical Business Planning
Technical Office Management
Design, Pre-Construction & Investigation
Construction Management
Operational Management
Asset Management
Strategic Planning
Industry advice
Technical office resourcing
Risk management
Staff management
Environmental management
State and Federal Government applications
Management of legal services and land tenure
Development impact assessments
Development Applications
Technical business total management planning and reporting
Program management
Cost estimates
Project management
Strategic planning services
Design and investigation services
Construction management services
Operational management services
Asset management services
Dams and catchments
Water treatment
Bulk distribution systems
(mains, pump stations and reservoirs)
Reticulation systems
Sewerage collection systems
Sewerage pump stations
Sewerage pressure mains
Sewerage treatment plants
Recycled water systems
Irrigation systems including river water pump stations
Riverine engineering design and management
Drinking & recycled water quality auditing
WSUD including Erosion & Sediment Control Plans
Dam Safety advice & reporting
Site Based and Receiving Environment Management Plans
 Consultancy Services
NWM applies these services primarily to the water sector, principally in the area of municipal water and wastewater services. We also undertake waste management projects and any area that requires erosion and sediment control plans.
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We offer certified drinking and recycled water quality audits in line with the Qld Government guidelines.
Erosion and sediment control plans are offered in accordance with Townsville City Council accrediation requirements and the International Erosion Control Association.
NWM has been a member of the Australian National Committee on Large Dams since 2015.

Northern Water Management