Legislative changes
Review of QA procedures for planning design, contracting, operational management, and asset management
Coverage across all activities is standard practice on all projects
Coverage across all activities is standard practice on all projects
Line management
Management of funding applications and claims
Land tenure management including the management of the creation of easements for pipelines
Rates charges calculations
A formal risk management process provides a structured method of identifying and analysing risks and opportunities which then enables the development of treatment strategies. NWM utilises the current international standard to enable informed decisions on risk exposure. NWM understands that the risk management process is vital in contractually allocating risk in an optimal manner.
Industry awareness
Peer review
Development of Design Standards
Creation of and updating of standard water and wastewater drawings
Assistance in the creation of minimum competency/maturity levels using mentoring programs specific to the water industry
Assessment and creation of position descriptions
Creation of Indigenous Land Use Agreements in consultation with legal entities
Creation of critical spares registers
Creation or updating of risk registers
Remaining raw water supply modelling
Material change of use licence applications with State Government
Headworks charging and Priority Infrastructure Plans
 Industry Advice
 Technical Office Resourcing
 Staff Management
 Legal Management
 Environmental Management
 Risk Management
 State and Federal Government Applications
 Development Impact Assessments

Technical Office Management

Program and Project Management
Technical Business Planning
Technical Office Management
Design, Pre-Construction & Investigation
Construction Management
Operational Management
Asset Management
Strategic Planning

Northern Water Management