and Project Management

Whilst many projects can be run with pure project management, the water industry is technically specialised and thus needs technical focus. NWM has industry expertise as it combines three services in one which together is considered in short supply in the current market:

NWM generally operates on the “Owner-side” of the market, but where opportunities arise and no conflicts of interest are apparent, it is available to engage in “Contractor-side” services including arrangements where operational services are contracted.
 Technical Management Focus
NWM wants it clients to operate efficiently and effectively. We can assist in providing single point documentation for tracking purposes, strategic reviews and reporting to management of all capital and non-capital projects from conception to disposal.
Accurate costing forms the basis of cost plans and enable a detailed comparison and evaluation of project options. NWM has industry experience in conducting comparative reviews of preliminary and detailed cost estimates.
NWM embraces the PMBOK methodology. NWM is highly skilled in integrating all elements of project management together to achieve project outcomes.

NWM can assist in strategic decision making including:

 Program Management
 Cost Estimates
 Project Management
You can download our Technical Project Management capability statement here:
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Program and Project Management
Technical Business Planning
Technical Office Management
Design, Pre-Construction & Investigation
Construction Management
Operational Management
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Strategic Planning

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