Design and Investigation

Our project development knowledge and experience enables greater certainty and leads to more robust outcomes throughout the project development and pre-construction phases. Our design/pre-construction services include:
Design certification services
Design and project management of rehabilitation projects
Our expertise can strengthen the development of the preliminary design leading to increased certainty of costs.
Complete information gathering prior to design commencement
Our Designs cover those items shown in the services summary.

Amoung others, our design management includes three major quality assurance elements to ensure a successful project:
Planning and design technical management
Options analysis through multi-criteria analysis
Constructability analysis
Value engineering/management facilitation
Cost benefit analysis
Tendering management
All project briefs have operational signoff
The design and documentation produce useful long term asset management information
Chlorination facility upgrades
Modelling for reconfiguration and where increase usage occurs within existing zones
Management of service relocations due to Main Roads or other activities
Design and documentation of new and replacement bulk and reticulation water supply off-takes and pipelines
Design and documentation of new and replacement sewerage collection and pressure mains
Management of development applications for water and sewerage
Development Management programs (Project and program) for water and sewerage upgrades
New and upgrades to, high Level booster pump stations
New sewerage pump stations and upgrades
Sewerage overflow investigations including assessment of potential inter-area overflows
Sewerage pressure main replacements and redirections
Dam infrastructure replacement programs
Water and wastewater treatment plant asset replacement programs
Reservoir repair investigations
NWM is certifed by Townsville City Council to produce Erosion and Sediment Control Plans within its local governemnt boundary. These are strict requirements which required us to undertake training and coursework to achieve accreditation. With this high level of compliance, documentation quality for other clients is assured.
NWM can undertake irrigation projects where specific booster pumping or pumping is required from alternative sources such as bores and rivers.
NWM has undertaken a number of these plans achieving client compliance with the state.
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 Site Base Management Plans and Receiving
 Environment Management Plans
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