Technical Business Planning

NWM understands that the core to effective water business management is relevant and efficient total management planning. NWM has significant experience in this area.

NWM can provide auditing and gap analysis services to ensure your business is optimally aligned with your strategic, business unit and operations plans. We can provide Certified Lead Auditor Services.
Performance management and systems
 Technical Business Planning and Reporting
Security Management Plans

Business Continuity Plans

Emergency Response Plans
Emergency procedures

Implementation plans
KPIs and National Performance Reporting via SWIM
Information management and systems
Energy management
Infrastructure Plans
Infrastructure Charges Plans
Water demand management
Training analysis
Liquid trade waste management
Outdoor water use conservation
Financial Management Planning and models
Drinking water quality delivery strategies
Water efficiency management
Asset management
SAMP/Water Supply Act Annual Reports
System leakage management
Drought management
Service standards
Operations management
Sub-Metering policies and procedures
 Tailored Plans
 Security Management Services
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Program and Project Management
Technical Business Planning
Technical Office Management
Design, Pre-Construction & Investigation
Construction Management
Operational Management
Asset Management
Strategic Planning

Northern Water Management

Drinking Water Quality Management Plans
Recycled Water Quality Management Plans